Who am I?

Mgr. Iriani Novotná. MBA. 
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Born in Caracas and trained academically in Venezuela, U.S.A, Spain, and the Czech Republic, I am an educator and business consultant specializing in learning processes, training, and project management. My 20 years of professional performance in the public and private academic environment, add up to 5000 hours of Spanish as a second language -ELE- teaching children, teenagers and adults and are complemented by more than 10 years of experience in the business sector coordinating, developing and evaluating educational projects, as well as implementing different learning strategies for multinational companies. 

I love working daily with my students to improve their skills in the Spanish language, which logically includes the planning and execution of each session but also, and for me it's fundamental, the identification of those individual learning needs that will allow you to effectively achieve your goals and reach your full potential in the language.  Check my students references.

I consider myself an active person, people-oriented, focused on results, and always trying to maintain an attitude of empathy and closeness to my students, obviously respecting our cultural differences. I enjoy teaching as much as traveling, reading, or cultural and sports activities. But sometimes, I prefer to just watch a good movie quietly or spend the afternoon sharing ideas about what is happening around us. Because of all this, I sincerely hope to make a difference in the way in which you learn Spanish with me and in how through our language, you welcome our rich Hispanic culture. Once again, thank you for trusting me on this journey.  Back Home.