Business Solutions
Successfully navigate the world of business in the Hispanic community.

We know that today Spanish is the vehicle of communication in projects carried out by many companies and institutions internationally.

Starting from this premise, from the point of view of learning or practicing the language, I propose you to carry out activities focused on the meaningful exchange of information, through situations that encourage negotiation as well as the emphasis on lexical work, which It will allow us to advance in the acquisition of a profitable and useful vocabulary to be able to face different situations in business or academic contexts. Back to services.

Corporative language courses

To help you achieve the level of Spanish you want, be it for your professional growth or that of your business, I offer you support directly within your company.

  • InHouse or distance classes for your staff or executive personnel
  • Face-to-face and distance classes of Business Spanish
  • Grammar course focused on reading and writing skills
  • Preparation of Business Spanish Certificate

Taylor-made business solutions

At some point your business needs more than a Spanish course. For those specific but vital needs for the success of your business in the Hispanic world, I am ready to help you.

  • Preparation for business trips
  • Workshop or working sessions of business presentations in Spanish
  • Cultural integration sessions

Educational consulting

As an HR specialist I know first-hand that the world of business training is not always easy. Let's work together if your business or academic institution needs to unify the best of both worlds in the language training of your team.

  • Spanish language programs customized for the business
  • Training workshops for non-native Spanish teachers or trainers

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