Learn, improve or certify your level of Spanish.

From my point of view, the ultimate mission of a language course is to allow you to communicate in that language, that is why, based on a purely communicational approach and focused on the integrated learning of content and languages, I offer you courses in different modalities, at different levels and for different age groups or learning needs. And although, it is my goal that we speak only in Spanish, for your peace of mind, especially if you are a beginner, we can use either English or Czech as an auxiliary language.

If none of these options "fit" with you, let me know, I'm sure we can create together an option that suits you. Back to services.

Language courses

I offer you the possibility of selecting between regular or intensive courses, on-site or at distance. Choose the best option for your current need. 

  • Face-to-face Spanish classes CEFR A0-C2
  • Distance learning Spanish classes CEFR B1-C2
  • Grammar course focused on reading and writing skills
  • General conversation courses or for specific purposes
  • ELE school tutoring
  • University tutoring ELE or applied language

Oficial Language Test preparation

If you need or simply want to certify your current level of Spanish, I can help you with adequate preparation for the standards required by the official tests.

  • Preparation for DELE A1 - A2 / B1 School exams
  • Preparation for DELE A1 - C2 exams
  • Preparation for the Czech Baccalaureate exam (Maturita)
  • Preparation for University Spanish tests (admissions or regular courses)
  • Preparation for CEFR Certification: SIELE, STAMP, CELU, OPI, TELC

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