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From the Spanish learning hub platform, I currently offer you three different alternatives for your learning process or your specific communication needs in the Spanish language. See my rates.

Language Courses

Language courses have been and will continue to be our gateway to languages, and although you will find many options in the market, I can guarantee you not only the experience of a native and permanently established professional in Prague, but also the flexibility that I understand our city demands. Go to courses

Spanish for Business

It is more than evident the growth that Spanish is currently having in the European business environment. Therefore, if your idea is to expand your business or expand your professional possibilities in the Hispanic world, I offer you not only my professional knowledge in language teaching but also solid support in the business field thanks to more than 10 years of experience in Hispanic multinational companies. Go to Business Solutions

Spanish Proofreading

The lack of clarity in a text can make it completely illegible, so it is essential that your translations ensure the correct "meaning" of your content. With this in mind, I offer you to review and edit the aspects related to style, cohesion, and grammar of your texts, but most importantly, ensure the clarity of the content that your Hispanic audience will read, considering both the tone and the regional nuances. Go to Proofreading

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