Welcome to the Spanish Learning Hub
Language courses and services in Spanish in Prague for your personal or business needs.

The Spanish learning hub was born as a personal initiative in Prague, to offer you different alternatives when undertaking or continuing your learning and communication process in the Spanish language, either for your personal use or for your own business requirements.

The hub concept concentrates on the learning and use of Spanish through traditional language courses, but it also offers educational services in companies and customized solutions to boost your business in the Hispanic world from the city of Prague.

My name is Iriani Novotná, Venezuelan and Czech, I am an educator and business consultant. Educating, it's not only my work but my way of life. That is why I have grouped in this space a series of tools that I want to share with you to develop or improve your language skills in Spanish with a guarantee of two decades of experience and with the flexibility you require.

I highly appreciate your trust. Welcome to the Spanish learning hub in Prague.

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